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Drones with experienced, licensed and insured pilots can be a valuable tool for filmmakers. Here are a few examples of the benefits of using drones for films, commercials, weddings, big events



Unique Aerial Perspectives

Drones can capture aerial footage from abstract cinematic angles, which can add visual interest and excitement to a project. For example, a drone could be used to capture surreal, sweeping aerial shots of a landscape, or to fly close to the ground to follow a moving subject.


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 Mass Media

Drones are small yet powerful, which makes them easy to set up for filming. This allows Directors to get more creative and quickly capture footage. And drones are more cost-effective than traditional methods of filming aerial footage, such as using helicopters or cranes. 



Celebrations & Events

At Drones by Merlin, we can provide beautiful aerial footage from unique angles that add amazing media to parties, weddings and large events. Our talented, licensed and insured drone pilots can capture incredible views, or fly over crowds to capture the magical atmosphere of the event.

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